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万兴堂宝号(BAN HENG TONG TRADING ) 由张春水先生创始人在1989年初创立,凭着坚强的信念与毅力一步一脚经营药材店30年载,经过许多风雨坎坷的他也曾在人生巅峰跌至谷底,如今冲破昔日的磨难,也在无数次失败中参悟出了许多药理精髓。历代推出以民众健康为基础的 “心脏血管畅通药”也经过多次改良及研究,再一次推出全新改良的药帖“通心灵”回报社会。

BAN HENG TONG TRADING is a trusted and established chinese traditional herbal medicine (TCM) retail, located in Malacca City.
Mr. Teo Choon Swee, founder of Ban Heng Tong started in year 1989, he has came a long way to build his business with all his hardwork and years of research. Currently total of 4 outlets located in Malacca city.
With many years of research, Mr Teo Choon Swee the founder has created his well known ‘ ubat penyumbatan saraf jantung ‘ we called the cardiac patency medicine to help those with heart conditions. Founder and his dedicated team continues to strive to provide the best and genuine herbal products to cater the needs of the society.