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八珍胶原 / Ba Zhen Collagen

RM 388.00


经期间小腹冷痛,排出血块等妇女病. 每月经期后血虚, (八珍胶原) 为女性精心调制,适合调补身体. 月经结束后即可服用,每日一包,连续服用10天-20天.


Helps to relieve menstrual and pre-menstrual symptoms such as : abdominal discomfort, low mood, general fatigue, insomnia, cold and sweaty palms. 

After menstruation, there are Qi and blood deficiencies within women body. Regular consumption as a supplement to improve general well being and skin complexion. 

For best results : 

one pack a day ( after meal ) for 10-20 continuous days.