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Bio Barley Bran Complete Nutrition

RM 69.90

100% Natural Premium Oat Soluble Fibre with many nutritional benefits such as lowering cholesterol , maintaining and strengthening bones, developing and maintaining brain function and boosting the body immunity system. 

Rich in beta glucan, helps in reduce cholesterol level and lipid level. 

Also helps to maintain bone strength with Calcium, Iron and Isoflavones, it also assist in brain development and improving brain function with Choline, Gingko and Soy Lecithin. 

- 100% Natural 

-Preservatives free 

- Lactose free 

- No colouring 

-High in dietary fiber 

- Non-GMO 

 Directions: 2 scoops (25gm) of BG King Complete Nutrition and add into 150-200ml of warm water. Then, Stir well and ready to serve.